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$$  Turn treats into money!  $$


Do we have your attention?  We're not magicians but we can make it happen!  We have just started a new program where we collect Cloud Star UPC symbols and cash them in to help with our dogs' medical expenses.  

This program is very easy… just cut out the UPC symbol from any Cloud Star product (Tricky Trainers, Dynamo Dog, Wag More Bark Less or Buddy Biscuits) and give or send them to us.  It’s that easy!  

Share this information with all of your dog loving friends because the more UPCs we collect, the more money we can raise for our dogs' medical expenses!

New Year's Announcement!

We at Adopt A Husky, Inc. would like to thank all of our supporters for a wonderful year in which we were able to save so many dogs and introduce them to loving homes where they will know nothing but warmth, full bellies, good care, and love. This has been possible only because of the support we have received from you, and we are very thankful.

In recent years, this support has also allowed our Minnesota chapter to grow tremendously. We are excited to announce that they will be separating from Adopt A Husky, Inc. as of January 1st, 2018 and becoming their own rescue.  Their new name is Adopt A Husky Minnesota and they will focus on saving and adopting Siberian Huskies in Minnesota. Adopt A Husky, Inc. will continue to operate in Illinois and Wisconsin.

We will continue working together, as rescue is a community after all, and we are hopeful that this new addition to the rescue community will strengthen our efforts as a whole. Please go to their new facebook page to keep in touch with their efforts.  We wish Adopt A Husky Minnesota good luck in the new year!