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"Lifeline to my Heart" Fundraiser


We have an exciting new fundraiser that we are proud to announce.  This fundraising campaign, “B-Cause Pets” https://www.booster.com/adoptahusky will provide Adopt A Husky with much appreciated and needed funding to help with the ongoing expenses for every dog who crosses our threshold; from spay & neuters and major surgeries to comfort living for our much loved Siberian Sanctuary Sweethearts.  This design, created by our volunteers, was inspired by the love they have for their dogs…the ‘Lifeline to my Heart’.


Our goal with this campaign is to sell over $1000 worth of merchandise to reach a bonus for us. The shirts carry a very powerful message that rings across the rescue world with great compassion. Help us get the point across so people realize that a leash can make all the difference in a dog & dog lover’s world!  Don't let go of that Lifeline!  This campaign will run through the month of August.  Thank you for your kind consideration and generous support.


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$$  Turn treats into money!  $$


Do we have your attention?  We're not magicians but we can make it happen!  We have just started a new program where we collect Cloud Star UPC symbols and cash them in to help with our dogs' medical expenses.  

This program is very easy… just cut out the UPC symbol from any Cloud Star product (Tricky Trainers, Dynamo Dog, Wag More Bark Less or Buddy Biscuits) and give or send them to us.  It’s that easy!  

Share this information with all of your dog loving friends because the more UPCs we collect, the more money we can raise for our dogs' medical expenses!