Sex:  Female

Color:  Black & White

Eye Color:  Brown

Age:  2 years

ID Number:  2596

Approximate Weight:  19 lbs.

Good With Dogs:  Non-pushy males. She is a diva through and through, so other females can rub her the wrong way.

Good With Cats:  No

Crate Trained:  Yes

Housebroken:  Yes

Energy Level:  Medium. She loves to play wit her toys, but is equally happy lying on her dog bed. Or your lap.

Good With Kids:  No kids. Firm on this. No exceptions.

Training: Boo has perfect house manners, knows sit, down, and paw and is very well-behaved. 

Comments:  What do you get when you cross a Siberian and a Beagle?  You get Boo!  This little girl is all of 19 lbs, which is her Beagle side, but if she had prick ears and was twice the size, you’d swear she was pure Siberian.  Her Beagle personality comes out when the squirrels dare to invade her yard or a stranger approaches.  She is very much an alert dog then! She also is very nose focused and you must be inspected from head to toe every time you come in the door. But other than that, she is very Siberian in personality.  Loving, fun, goofy and sweet.  She is just a doll.

Unfortunately, in her previous home, the children were allowed to manhandle her with no correction or supervision so moving forward, we want a child free home for this little girl.  This is firm.  

Boo would honestly love to be an only dog because she really is a little princess.  Her favorite thing is to ask to be picked up.
(Such a well-behaved girl - she does not jump up herself) and snuggle in your lap.  She’d sleep there all day if she could, but she is also content to lounge on a comfy dog bed too.  And then play ball with you for a bit.  Then go chase the squirrels.  Then some more pets.  That’s Boo’s perfect day. Oh, and her crate MUST have a dog bed in it.  Trust us on this!

If you are in the IL/WI area and want a perfect plug and play new companion, little Boo is a good choice.

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All dogs are:

  • spayed or neutered prior to adoption
  • evaluated for temperament and trainability
  • up to date on ALL shots, including Bordetella (kennel cough)
  • heartworm tested and on preventative year-round
  • micro-chipped for identification