Sex:  Male

Color:  Black & White

Eye Color:  Blue

Age:  1-1/2 years

ID Number:

Approximate Weight:  46 lbs.

Good With Dogs:  Yes

Good With Cats: No

Crate Trained:  Yes

Housebroken:  Yes

Energy Level:  High-ish.  Not crazy puppy energy, but a very active boy.

Good With Kids:  Yes, a bit older.  His youth translates to running and jumping which would be too much for little ones.

Training:  He knows some basics, but would definitely need a training class.

Comments: Leno is a young strong boy who is full of life and personality.  He was not given a lot of training in his previous home but, fortunately, he is a quick learner and is not too stubborn (unlike most young male Siberians!).  He would do great with an experienced home that can show him the rules and be consistent about following them.  With a little structure, Leno is going to shine.

He gets along fine with other dogs but does not like 'in your face' type dogs.  He is more submissive so a bossy dog is not best for him.  He’d love a nice sweet girl to run around and play with. He is learning crate training and doing well. He will need at least a 5-foot fenced yard or someone who is very committed to getting out running with him daily.

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All dogs are:

  • spayed or neutered prior to adoption
  • evaluated for temperament and trainability
  • up to date on ALL shots, including Bordetella (kennel cough)
  • heartworm tested and on preventative year-round
  • micro-chipped for identification