Sex: Female

Color: Black and white

Eye Color: Blue

Age: 2 years

ID Number: 2621

Approximate Weight: 42 pounds

Good With Dogs: Yes

Good With Cats: No

Crate Trained: No, but we are slowly getting her there.

Housebroken: Working on it

Energy Level: Medium

Good With Kids: Yes

Training: She has some nice house manners but also thinks couches are really nice dog beds. :)

Comments: Lucy is a complete doll-a total cuddlebug. She LOVES her humans-all humans-and is in heaven being around them. She is great with other dogs as well-she is very submissive both to humans and dogs, but loves them both. She is great with kids, both young and older.

Lucy was never crate trained and while she is s l o w l y learning it now, it is a work in progress. She is noisy in a crate for any
extended time so she would not do well in a condo or apartment setting. Her ideal home would be someone who is home more than they are gone or someone who does daycare. She would do best with another dog to play with as well.

I want to apply to adopt a dog!

All dogs are:

  • spayed or neutered prior to adoption
  • evaluated for temperament and trainability
  • up to date on ALL shots, including Bordetella (kennel cough)
  • heartworm tested and on preventative year-round
  • micro-chipped for identification