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Name:  Siskin

Sex:  Male

Color:  Wolf Grey & White

Eye Color:  Bi-Eyed

Age:  5 years

ID Number:  2510

Approximate Weight:  57 pounds - he’s a big boy!

Good With Dogs:  Yes

Good With Cats:  No

Crate Trained:  Yes

Housebroken:  Yes

Energy Level:  Medium

Good With Kids:  Yes- he’s been at many events and is wonderful, but he can be stubborn at times so we do not want any children under 10 in his home.

Training:  Sit, stay, paw (which is so cute!)

Comments:  Siskin is just beautiful.  He is so super smart and his mind is always working. At 5 he is past that crazy puppy stage, but those long legs mean he is a very athletic dog that would love to jog or bike with you. Generally, he is content to lay around the couch or play fetch with you (he LOVES fetch), but he is known for getting the zoomies a couple times a day and can get himself all worked up.  When he does that, he does jump up so we do not want little kids in his home.

Siskin has been at many events with us and done awesome. He’s been swarmed with kids and adults alike and just soaks it all in.  But he occasionally decides he wants to do something that is not what the humans have asked him to do and he can be known to throw a little tantrum if he does not get his way.  This is VERY easily managed by simply distracting him and then coaxing him with praise or a treat to do what you want.  He responds beautifully to this technique. He does not do well with being coerced or forced to do it (most Siberians don’t).  For this reason alone we are looking for a savvy Siberian owner for our big boy.

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All dogs are:

  • spayed or neutered prior to adoption
  • evaluated for temperament and trainability
  • up to date on ALL shots, including Bordetella (kennel cough)
  • heartworm tested and on preventative year-round
  • micro-chipped for identification