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Sex:  Male

Color:  Black & White

Eye Color:

Age:  2.5 years

ID Number:  2835

Approximate Weight:  70 lbs.

Good With Dogs:  Yes

Good With Cats:  No

Crate Trained:  Yes, will stay in a crate but prefers to have room to roam at night. When we are not at home, just for safety we keep him in the crate.

Housebroken:  Yes

Energy Level:  Medium

Good With Kids:  Yes

Training:  Knows sit, lets you know when he has to go out by going to the door, can catch a treat in the air.

Comments:  Timburr is a gentle giant. He plays well with both of our huskies who are high energy. He also played with a neighbor dog lab mix. He is a sweetheart! He loves pets, likes to be around people, really a very gentle and kind dog. He would be a great fit in any family. We have had no issues with him at all. He eats very quickly, doesn’t seem to have any guarding issues with his food and with water will let the other dogs know by a little grumble that he doesn’t want to be bothered. He is very well behaved.

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All dogs are:

  • spayed or neutered prior to adoption
  • evaluated for temperament and trainability
  • up to date on ALL shots, including Bordetella (kennel cough)
  • heartworm tested and on preventative year-round
  • micro-chipped for identification