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Sex: Female

Color: Black & White

Eye Color: Blue

Age: 1 year, 10 months

Approximate Weight: 45-50 lbs.

Good With Dogs: Yes, bet with medium to large dogs

Good With Cats: Yes, currently lives with a cat

Crate Trained: Yes, but I have allowed her to roam free in a restricted area of the house over the last couple months.

Housebroken: Yes, will let you know when she needs to go out by sitting at the door or putting her head on your lap and giving a little whine.

Energy Level: Medium

Good With Kids: Yes

Training: No professional training but knows the basics: sit, shake, lay, stay, come, no, down

Comments:  I am a current husky owner who is heartbroken to have to give up my beloved Charlie. Charlie is a beautiful, playful, affectionate and smart dog. She plays great with my friends, siblings, nieces, and nephews. She interacts really well with other dogs while on walks and gets great reviews when I need to board her. She has been spayed, already has an AVID chip that can be transferred and is up to date on her immunizations/shots through July of 2015 (I have full records of everything). Charlie does require exercise (as do all husky breeds) and gets lonely when left alone. She doesn't scratch or chew on wood or plastic, but can howl and/or get destructive with stuffed items (if available to her) when left alone. When I'm home with her she just lounges, lays next to me, and plays with her toys. Keep in mind that she's still pretty much a puppy (turns 2 in February) and will grow out of certain habits; exercise and/or a brother/sister dog to play with will also greatly decrease any bad habits. Charlie is wonderful and gives me way more more happiness than headaches, but due to unchangeable personal circumstances, I can't keep her. If you are interested, I would be happy to do a trial run, risk free. I'm also willing to have introductions at my residence in Chicago or drive Charlie to a potential owner's residence for an introduction. I'll provide the new owners with everything I have to get them started (food bowls/storage, toys, leash/harness, bath supplies, etc.). The last thing I want is for Charlie to be passed off again, so it's imperative to me that that the new owners are ready and excited for the new responsibility and the addition to their home.

Location: Chicago, IL

Owner Contact Info: Meghan Murdock, 630-202-8764murdockmeghan@gmail.com