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Sex: Male

Color: White w/Black Spots

Eye Color: Heterochroma (blue in one eye and half blue/brown in the other)

Age: 3 years

Approximate Weight: 63 lbs.

Good With Dogs: Yes, he loves to play and I’ve never had a problem.

Good With Cats: Probably not

Crate Trained: Yes

Housebroken: Yes

Energy Level: High energy and loves exercise

Good With Kids: He's great with kids.  He likes to follow my nieces and nephews when they play outside

Training: Sit, Drop, Stay, Heel (when not walking and patting the side of your leg), come, and touch.  He knows "get back", "Stop it", "go", "let's go", "Hah" (left), "Whoa" (stop), "On by" (ignore squirrels), “Leave it”, and "Gee" (right).  I’ve never taken him skijoring, so I don’t know how these would translate on the fly.

Comments: I got Remi as a 3.5 month old puppy from the humane society near Como Park.  People absolutely adore him when we're out walking because he's such a beautiful and happy dog.  He has been well socialized in a house with 2 other dogs.  He's really good around my nieces and nephews, and loves to follow them around when they're exploring or playing with him.  


I got a harness and let him pull me around on roller blades last summer (5 miles pulling 195 lb guy on wheels).  I moved to an apartment last fall, and I've realized I can't sustain his needs living here.  I would love to find him a family that can truly give him the time, attention, and love he deserves.  

Location: St. Paul, MN

Owner Contact Info: Brian, 612-619-5709