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Sex: Male

Color: Black & White

Eye Color: Blue

Age: 2.5 years

Approximate Weight: 50 lbs.

Good With Dogs: Yes!  We have had him living with two other dogs for about 7 weeks now.  He does great with them and they adore each other.  He gets excited when he sees another dog when out walking and wants to play, which will need work in training.

Good With Cats: No.  Sadly, this is why we need to rehome him.  No cats, and preferably no small animals in general with this guy. 

Crate Trained: He was not at all when he came to us, but we have been using a crate with him since he came to us 7 weeks ago and he is doing much better.

Housebroken: Yes.  No accidents since we’ve had him.

Energy Level: High.  Needs a lot of attention.  He gets very silly when bored and likes to toss around food bowls!  He will need a home with a fenced in yard.  We have not had problems with him jumping our fence. 

Good With Kids: Unknown.  We have not seen him around kids.

Training: Is in need of ongoing, constant and loving training.  This dog is smart as all get out and learns quickly.  We have been working with him on his sit, leave it, and come.  Needs work with his leash walking.

Comments: Rigel is a sweetheart and we adore him.  It breaks our heart to rehome him, but he cannot stay in the same house as our cat.  He will make an amazing dog in the right family.  He likes to skijor and his tail is the FLUFFIES I’ve ever seen.

Location: Galewood, Chicago

Owner Contact Info: tracy.r.ricker@gmail.com
                                    (708) 601-8113