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Name: River

Sex: Female

Color: Black & White

Eye Color: Bi-Eyed

Age: 2 years

Approximate Weight: 45 lbs.

Good With Dogs: Yes

Good With Cats: No -- Uses small animals as toys

Crate Trained:Yes

Housebroken: No

Energy Level: High

Good With Kids: Yes

Training: No

Comments:  River is a dog with special needs and unfortunately I am unable to properly care for her due to working two jobs and a 4-month old baby.  With physical therapy she has regained some ability to walk but still needs more one on one attention to support her rehabilitation, something I am unable to give her.  She can only walk on carpet so hardwood floors isn't for her just yet.  River does have a cart (see picture) but she doesn't use it much because I try and encourage her to walk.  She was house trained prior to her accident but with her limited functionality to her lower extremities she needs help with going to the bathroom (she does get her bladder expressed but has normal bowel movements with no help).  I personally believe she has the ability to be trained to go indoors on her own but it'll take some time and effort.  River was rescued from a puppy mill and was aggressively abused as a pup.  This has made her nervous around people however she warms up quickly (a little slower for males).  Despite her anxiety around new people she has never once tried to bite or hurt anyone as she mostly barks and runs away until she's comfortable with sniffing you. River is one of the most gentle dogs you'll ever meet and loves kids and does well with other dogs (I have two other huskies).  When she warms up to you she'll be a great cuddler as she is a lover and not a fighter.  Giving her up is one of the hardest decisions I've had to make but she needs a home that can dedicate ample time to her physical therapy and I would do anything to provide that but I just can't.  

Location: Union, IL

Owner Contact Info:    Christopher Hart     Christopher.hart6@gmail.com