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Sex: Female

Color: Black & White

Eye Color: Blue

Age: 1 year

Approximate Weight: 50 lbs.

Good With Dogs: Loves other dogs, does not bark, but wants to play, tends to be dominant.

Good With Cats: Unknown

Crate Trained: Yes

Housebroken:  Mostly - still has accidents on occasion when very excited

Energy Level: HIGH!!

Good With Kids:  Would be good with older kids

Training:  No formal training, knows sit, (lay) down, stay and come

Comments:  Skaia is very high energy and would do best with lots of space to run and play. She does get mouthy and needs firm guidance. Only barks when she has an unmet need such as food, water, or needing to eliminate

Location: St. Charles, IL

Owner Contact Info: Stacy  630-995-1520, leave message 
or stacyjuskevice@gmail.com