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Sex: Male

Color: Black and White

Eye Color: Brown

Age: 4 years

Approximate Weight: 70 pounds

Good With Dogs: Yes. Even goes to doggy daycare sometimes.

Good With Cats: Unknown

Crate Trained: Yes

Housebroken: Yes

Energy Level: High

Good With Kids: Does not live with kids, but is good with visitors.

Training: He knows the following commands: sit, up, down, leave it, touch, shake, roll over, stay, look, and come. 

Comments: Up for adaption is our beautiful Siberian Husky.  On almost every walk someone will compliment his looks.  Tiki is the most loving, social dog we have ever had.  We are extremely close, and this isn’t a decision taken lightly.  Unfortunately, with a pending divorce and job change we believe it’s best to Tiki to find a family with the time and energy to properly care for him. 

For the sake of full disclosure and to reduce the number of households that wouldn’t be a fit we will try to accurately describe his demeanor.  Tiki has a lot of energy, and will require someone with patience/willingness to work with him.  He has a tendency to get very excited when going to the vet, meeting new people, or visiting new places.  He occasionally jumps on new people, and can be mouthy (not biting, but will put hands in his mouth) in those situations. He is a fantastic running/walking partner.  Tiki loves his belly to be rubbed and to be cuddled.  He is extremely loyal, and wants to be at your side at all times.  (Pack animal) For that same reason, he also requires someone to be his leader, or he will take the lead as the Alpha.  

Location: Madison, WI

Owner Contact Info: Justin, 715.459.1460justin.max.rose@gmail.com