Sex: Female

Color: Gray and white

Eye Color: Brown

Age: 1 year

Good With Dogs: Yes

Good With Cats: No

Crate Trained: Unknown

Housebroken: Working on it

Good With Kids: Unknown

Training: Appears to have had some training, and is very smart!

Comments: Delilah is a year old owner surrender female Husky with a sparkling personality. She is not certain what is going on and why she not with her humans. We are not sure if she grew up with dogs but had a brief stay in a home with 3 other female Husky’s. She does get along with other dogs but we would rather a slow introduction into a pack be used for her integration. As a rescue we feel the humans should be the leaders of the dogs in a home and are looking for a home that shares these beliefs. 

She is showing us she has been trained and is very smart. We think she will do well if integrated into pack of if she is the only pet. She appears to have an old soul quality about her, which is rare at such a young age. She will need work on learning the rules of the new home as far as potty training and to not to dig in the back yard. But as with all Husky’s if given exercise, structure, training and a loving and committed home she will excel. She is very smart and will need a strong leader in a human that will take the pressure off of to decide how to act with other dogs. 

ATTR has a program to help slowly introduce dogs to other dogs and trainers that will help with the transition. As a rescue we are looking for people willing to take on the rewarding challenge of changing a dog’s life. We will provide the resources and guidance and welcome in people wanting to make a difference in a dog’s life and experience the reward of becoming a dogs everything! 

To meet Delilah or one of our other adult rescues needing a strong leader to help them find their way in this world, fill out an application.

Location: Frankfort, IL

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