Name: Kenai

Sex: Male

Color: Black & White Dilute

Eye Color: Bi-Eyed (one blue, one brown)

Age: 11 months

Approximate Weight: 62 lbs.

Good With Dogs: Yes -- submissive & playful

Good With Cats: Probably not

Crate Trained: No -- He shreds bedding. OK for short periods only

Housebroken: Yes, but needs supervision

Energy Level: High

Good With Kids: Yes

Training: Knows his name, Sit, shake, and down. Knows to stay off furniture. 

Comments: Kenai is a non-aggressive, altered male husky/malamute mix. He is up to date on all vaccines and microchipped. Kenai's a typical husky puppy: high energy, destructive at times, with escape tendencies, etc. But he is super duper loving, sweet and even-tempered too. Loves human interaction. He's housetrained, but does need supervision to prevent accidents, countersurfing, and fence-jumping. He goes out on a tie out with supervision now. He loves playing with other dogs, is very friendly, submissive, and playful, and of course, he loves to run. He would do best on a lot of land with a high energy family who is very experienced with the challenges of Northern breed dogs. 

Location: Princeton, MN

Owner Contact Info: Kathryn Hauser