Luna & Sasha

                                                                                                                Luna                                                                Sasha

Luna & Sasha

Sex: Female

Color: Luna is black and white, Sasha is gray and white

Eye Color: Both are bi-eyed (one blue eye, one brown eye)

Age: 9 years

Approximate Weight: 55 pounds each

Good With Dogs: Yes, although Luna does not do well with new dogs while she is on leash.  She is fine with them if she
                         is not on leash.  They both love to play with other dogs.

Good With Cats: Maybe.  They met cats once and were very curious but not aggressive.  They do chase small critters in
                         the yard.

Crate Trained: Yes, although they have had a kennel for the last few years and have not been crated.

Housebroken: Yes

Energy Level: Medium, they need regular exercise

Good With Kids: Yes!  They are currently living with 3 children under age 4 and are wonderful with them.  Luna and Sasha
                         love all people!

Training: Both dogs have been through obedience training.  They know sit, stay, down, shake, and come.

Comments: Luna and Sasha are very active girls who enjoy being with their people, as well as walking, hiking, running, sledding, playing with other dogs, and swimming.  They have been very well socialized and are well behaved.  They get along great with all people and love kids.  

Both girls are escape artists and have dug under a chain link fence, and have climbed over a 4-foot fence.  They do fine in a yard with a 6-foot privacy fence.

Sasha is very tolerant of all other dogs and loves to play.  She has hypothyroidism and needs (very inexpensive) medication twice per day.

Luna will growl and/or bark at other dogs when she is on leash, but loves them if she is introduced to them off leash.  She loves to play fetch!

Location: Belleville, MI

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