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Adoption Contract


 ***Please note...THIS IS NOT AN APPLICATION***  Applications are the first step and can be found on the Adoption Process page.  This copy of our contract verbiage is provided for reference only and is subject to change without notice.


AAHI Tag Number

Microchip Number

AAHI Name:___________________________________________  New Name (if known): ___________________________________

Sex: __________    Age (estimated): __________   Coat Color: ______________________   Eye color:  _______________________

In consideration of Adopt A Husky, Inc. allowing us to adopt a Siberian Husky, I/we covenant and agree as follows:  

  1. To return the dog to Adopt a Husky, Inc. if unable to keep the dog. To keep the dog for as long as it shall live To never abandon the dog or surrender, sell, or give the dog to a shelter, pet dealer, rescue, animal control, laboratory, or any person other than an approved representative from Adopt A Husky, Inc.  

  2. The dog shall never be allowed to run at large. If the dog has been reported or found running at large, either intentionally, by accidental escape, or any other unforeseen circumstances, Adopt A Husky, Inc. may reclaim the dog and notify me/us of the reclamation..

  3. To notify Adopt A Husky, Inc. immediately if the dog has escaped, is lost, or stolen, and to make all reasonable efforts to locate the dog.

  4. To provide an indoor home and to treat this dog as a family pet with affection and kindness, never subjecting this dog to abuse or cruelty.  To consider this dog an indoor pet and keep this dog safely within the home.  To never allow the dog to live its life outdoors, and to warrant that the dog will not be kept outside for prolonged periods of time unattended or overnight.

  5. To provide regular and routine veterinary care including community-required vaccinations, rabies, yearly heartworm tests and preventatives, and parasite checks, as well as provide proper dietary needs of the dog. To provide adequate health care immediately in the event that the dog is injured or becomes seriously ill. I/we will provide copies of the dog’s medical records to Adopt A Husky, Inc. upon request.

  6. To provide nutritionally adequate food, clean fresh water and exercise sufficient to maintain a healthy Siberian Husky.

  7. To keep this dog within a fenced yard (not on a chain), on a tie-out, on a leash, or safely within the home at all times. To never leave this dog outside on a tie-out or within a fenced yard unsupervised or for an extended period of time. To never leave this dog outside on a tie-out or within a fenced yard unless someone of legal age (16 years of age or older) is present in the home. To never leave this dog with unsupervised access to the outside via a dog door.

  8. To use a properly fitted leather or similar buckle type collar (NOT plastic easy-release style) and affix a tag with the adopters’ information to that collar. To leave the Adopt A Husky, Inc. identification tag permanently affixed to the collar, in addition to any other tags. To regularly check the proper fitting of any collar. To never leave a choke chain or any collar that tightens without limit on the dog when not attended.  

  9. To notify Adopt A Husky, Inc. of the dog's annual progress and to contact Adopt A Husky, Inc., a veterinarian, or an obedience trainer when problems arise so that the problem may be eliminated or alleviated.  

  10. To allow a representative of Adopt A Husky, Inc. to periodically and routinely check up on the dog, to ensure that terms of this adoption contract are being met, upon written notice and with 24 hours notice, except in cases of emergency.  

  11. To notify Adopt A Husky, Inc. within thirty (30) days of any change in name, address, email address, and/or telephone number.

I/we understand and agree that each and all of these terms are considered material terms of this contract.

I/we further understand that:

  1. Non-compliance or failure to perform any of the above terms and/or conditions may result in the immediate forfeiture of the dog and will warrant the removal of the dog by Adopt A Husky, Inc. and that a designated Adopt A Husky, Inc. representative may reclaim this dog at Adopt A Husky, Inc.'s discretion, without payment of compensation to me/us. Initials: __________

  2. Any authorized agent of Adopt A Husky, Inc., can, with notice, enter the outside grounds of the location where the dog resides or is being held, to examine and/or make inquiry about the dog at any time. If violation of any of the conditions/terms of this contract is determined, Adopt a Husky, Inc., is expressly authorized, with notice, to remove the dog from the premises. Initials:    _______

  3. If, at any time during the dog’s life with me/us, the dog is treated in a manner inconsistent with this contract, Adopt A Husky, Inc. will invoke the provisions agreed to in this contract, including reclaiming ownership and custody of the dog, or if the dog is deceased or otherwise unable to be reclaimed, a penalty of $1,000.00 will be assessed for any violation of each numbered paragraph of this contract, plus reimbursement of any costs, including but not limited to court costs, attorney fees, and veterinary fees associated with the recovery/reclamation of the dog.   Initials: __________

  4. The typical characteristics and temperament of the Siberian Husky have been explained to me/us.  Initials: __________  

  5. I/we have been advised that the dog can sometimes dig, chew, soil, and exhibit other undesirable traits unless properly supervised, confined, and trained.  Initials: ________

  6. I/we have been advised that this dog may have been neglected, mistreated, or abused and that special care and/or precautions may be required.  Initials: __________  

  7. In the event of a separation of households by multiple adopting parties herein, it is granted that, unless the parties MUTUALLY AGREE otherwise, ______________________________ will retain ownership of the dog. In the event that neither party wants or can take the dog, Adopt A Husky, Inc. must be contacted within a reasonable period of time to allow them to make accommodations to accept the dog back into rescue. Reasonable accommodations shall be no less than 72 hours. In either event, Adopt A Husky, Inc. shall be notified without delay. Initials: __________

  8. Any notices required by this contract will be sent first class mail to: Adopt A Husky, Inc. at P.O. Box 87226, Carol Stream, IL 60188-7226.   Initials: __________  

  9. I/we understand that Adopt A Husky, Inc. makes no express or implied claims or warranties about the health and soundness of the dog beyond the vaccinations it has received (rabies/distemper combo/bordetella), heartworm tested negative, altered, microchipped for identification, or other medical issues specifically known and addressed by Adopt A Husky, Inc.  The adopter understands that s/he is taking the dog "AS-IS."  Initials: __________  

  10. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Initials: ________

In consideration of Adopt A Husky, Inc. allowing me/us to adopt this dog, I/we agree to assume full responsibility for the conduct of this dog upon the date of this contract.   I/we further agree to hold harmless Adopt A Husky, Inc., our Adopt A Husky, Inc. representative, and any other individuals associated with the Rescue Program, and to indemnify such organizations or individuals for any damages or costs resulting from liability, known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, as a result of the dog's conduct after the date of this adoption contract.

CHOICE OF FORUM: Any and all disputes arising from this contract or the adoption subject hereto shall be heard in a civil court of law in the state of Illinois.CHOICE OF LAW: notwithstanding the forum deemed appropriate in which to hear any disputes regarding this contract, Illinois law shall govern any of its terms and conditions.

Signed this ________________ day of _____________________________________________, 20_______  

X ______________________________________           X __________________________________________________________

            Signature  -  Adopter 1   Signature   -  Adopter 2


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Amount of donation:  $

Date accepted:                /              / 20