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Can I use an invisible fence with my Siberian?

Invisible fences are never recommended for Siberians. Siberians have a very strong prey drive, and will often choose to take the shock to chase a rabbit or other small animal out of the yard. However, smart dogs that they are, Siberians won’t take the shock to return to the yard, and now your Siberian is loose.

Invisible fences don’t prevent other dogs, children, people from coming into your yard and potentially causing problems for your Siberian. In addition, owners must be extremely vigilant about keeping the batteries changed, or the first indication that the batteries needed replacement is that your Siberian is missing from the yard. Here at Adopt A Husky, it’s not uncommon at all for us to receive stray Siberians still wearing their invisible fence collar.

One way invisible fences have been successfully used, is on the inside of a traditional above ground fence to deter fence climbing.