In June of 2019, when Aspen was just 4 weeks old, she was taken to animal control and left because of obvious neurological issues that included head tremors and ataxia. We were asked to take her, and of course we said yes. We took her immediately to the neurologist who diagnosed her as having Cerebellar Hypoplasia. You can read more on this condition here: This condition, in a nutshell, happens when a pup has an underdeveloped Cerebellum in the brain that affects coordination and balance. There is no cure, and treatment is done to manage symptoms and help with mobility. This condition is not painful and sweet Aspen doesn't know any other way, so she is quite a happy girl.

She is now trying very hard at home to walk instead of just crawling where she wants to go. She is able to get up on the couch with minimal help. She is able to go upstairs with help in guiding her and making sure she does not fall backward. She is not very sure about going down the stairs yet. She is able to wander around the backyard on her own by combining her crawling a few steps at a time. She loves playing with her foster siblings and snuggling with her foster parents.

Aspen will remain in the care of her foster family, receiving all of the love and care that she needs, which includes various types of physical therapy.