18 years old and nowhere to go…This handsome old chap was turned into a shelter by the only home he ever knew due to a change in family dynamics. But the shelter reached out and Adopt A Husky said “yes.” And Cosmo is now a permanent member of Adopt A Husky’s Sanctuary program where he will forever be cherished by his foster home and his Adopt A Husky family.

Cosmo has limited vision due to severe cataracts, is partially deaf and has some joint discomfort. However, he has an amazing appetite and enjoys hanging with his foster family. He enjoys walks and wandering in the yard with his little pack.

His big brother, Snax, also in Adopt A Husky’s Sanctuary program, kind of watches over him in the yard. In the house, his foster sisters will sometimes scatter as the limited vision fellow bumps around until he finds the couch and pops himself up for a snuggly nap.

He absolutely loves his treats and will jump up and down for dinner or snack time. Little Cosmo is a kindly old soul and he is comfortable in his forever foster home where he belongs to a pack and is loved by his family too. Life for this happy fellow is definitely looking up!

Cosmo is not available for adoption.