Jackson is a big guy with a big sweet heart but has little confidence. He's learning to trust his foster human building up his confidence. He gets along with most dogs, female and male. Jackson is on the shy and timid side, cowers down when humans make quick movements. He's quickly learning the routine and humans mean no harm. He does seek pets and nudges his foster human for more. Jackson does know sit and is crate trained. He walks well on leash, looking back for approval as he continues forward. He loves to run with others in a fenced in yard. Jackson may do well with older kids and may even co-exist with a cat.

Jackson, along with his brother Skye, were diagnosed with severe kidney disease due to the leptospirosis infection they came to rescue with. Even though we successfully treated the lepto and it is now cleared, it has left damage. Because of this, and his shyness, he will live his life in his foster home, getting the love and care he is used to.

Jackson is not available for adoption.