Senator Dunlap (Snax)

Snax entered rescue, overweight, dirty and with a very large cyst on his back. Adopt A Husky had it removed and the prognosis was good! He has healed wonderfully, has lost weight and is loving life.

Snax thrives on kindness and love. He adores attention, pets and belly rubs. His favorite thing is for you to hold his big head in a hug for as long as you can and he will lean into you with loving return.

This handsome fellow currently lives in a foster home, with 3 female Huskies. He is very at home and part of the family. Dinner time can be a howl fest, but treat time is a quiet, sit and wait for your yummy time.

Time for a walk is met with extreme enthusiasm, wagging tails and Husky vocals. Snax adores walking with his pack several times a day. This Senior Siberian has been a personal trainer for his foster mom. He loves to walk. He takes multiple ½ to 1-mile walks per day. Although he walks very well on leash, if he sees something of interest or concern, he can get pretty bouncy. He is a strong husky, so you can’t be fooled by his gentle manner and the antiquity of his years because he definitely does have the pulling power of a sled dog. Snax also loves his car rides and travels well in a crate.

Snax has been around children over 7 years old and did well. However, he doesn’t always realize his own size and strength and could potentially knock a smaller child down. He has accidentally hip checked a couple of his Siberian foster siblings during a few of his fun-loving moments and has conditioned watchful eyes, on their part, but they like his company. When Snax is enjoying himself, he can bounce around like a hippopotamus on a trampoline, with a smile that is definitely contagious.

Snax has good house manners. He will not jump on furniture without an invitation. He may, however, try to inch his way into your lap if he thinks you won’t notice. In the kitchen, he “might” just investigate a counter edge with his nose. If something delicious is near the edge, he may try to get it, but corrects well. As a rule, he is not a counter surfer. He loves his stuffies, but does have a habit of pulling the fluff out, so he should be monitored with toys. He adores a frozen Kong and will occupy himself for as long as it takes to lap out every last tasty morsel.

Family television time, at the end of the day, has him settled and ready to wrap up his day. Many times, he puts himself to bed and all you have to do is close the kennel door and wish him sweet dreams.

Snax is a wonderful guy, who has some quirks that have earned him a permanent spot in his foster home. He is not available for adoption.