Siskin is just beautiful. He is so super smart and his mind is always working. Generally, he is content to lay around the couch or play fetch with his foster mom (he LOVES fetch), but he is known for getting the zoomies a couple times a day and can get himself all worked up. While Siskin is an absolute love with people when he is calm, he has some behavior quirks when he gets excited.

Siskin has been at many events with us and done awesome. He's been swarmed with kids and adults alike and just soaks it all in. But he occasionally decides he wants to do something that is not what the humans have asked him to do and he can be known to throw a little tantrum if he does not get his way. Since his foster family has such a good handle on his quirks, Siskin has decided to live there forever as a Sanctuary Foster.

Siskin is not available for adoption.