Yukon at meal time.mp4

Sweet Yukon came to us in pretty bad shape after his previous family failed him. He was so infested with fleas that he was missing large patches of fur and his skin was painful. He also had untreated ear infections, and his hips were causing him discomfort. When he saw our vet, it was discovered that his teeth were also causing him a lot of pain and he had to have 15 teeth removed due to furcation exposure, fracture, stomatitis, periodontist, pulp exposure, and root exposure. The poor old man only has three teeth left, but is much happier now that he can really enjoy his soft meals.

Yukon may be an old guy, but he has shown his foster family that he still has spunk. He likes to spend his days playing with his foster siblings, hanging out in his favorite spot on the couch, strolling in the back yard, and dancing for his meals.

At approximately 14 years old, the decision was made to keep Yukon in a Sanctuary foster home for his remaining years so that his days can be filled with the love and care that he missed out on for so long.

**Yukon is not available for adoption.**