Name Bandit

Sex Male

Color black and white

Eye Color blue 

Age about 8

Weight 80lbs

Good w/dogs: does great with our other dog and my sister’s dog but both are very passive. He would possibly struggle with another territorial dog. 

Good w/cats unknown 

Crate Trained yes

Housebroken yes

Energy Level low- loves to cuddle on the couch. Will play outside with our other dog but struggles to keep up with his high energy.

Good w/kids not good with small children 

Training knows basic commands like sit, stay, lay, and kennel. He knows to come when you call his name but is stubborn and will run away so we keep him on a lead. Will also mark his territory on new items brought into the house so we need to get him used to them. Stays in kennel when we are not home. Bandit is an AKC registered Siberian husky.

Comments Bandit is very loving and is the favorite of our two dogs by visitors. He does great when we have parties but does get excited and jump up on people. Has a lot of anxiety in the car. We are Bandit’s fourth home and have had him for six years. But we started a family this year and he does not tolerate small children which is what also led to him being re-homed in the past.

Location (city & state) Bradley, IL

Contact Info (name, phone and/or email) Kirby Woods, 815-988-6447,