Name: Bear

Sex: male

Color: red and white

Eye color: blue 

Age: 2 1/2

Weight: 44lbs

Good w/dogs: Good with small dogs (unsure about cats)Not good with bigger dogs.(at least not mine)

Good w/cats:  No

Crate-Trained:  He is crate trained

Housebroken:  He is housebroken

Energy level:  He has puppy/husky energy and likes to play and then cuddle after running out his energy. 

He likes to chew on things. His favorite toy is the Kong.

Good w/kids: He is good with kids

Training:  Bear will listen to commands some of the time. It is a husky attitude he is not doing it unless he wants to do it. 

Comments: Bear is a great dog.  I hate to lose him but he is not getting along with my older husky.  Bear is always making my family laugh!  

Location:  Litchfield, Illinois

Contact Info: email