Name: Frankie

Sex: Female

Color: white and black

Eye Color: blue

Age: approx 11

Weight: 35 lbs

Good w/dogs? Good with big dogs, doesn’t get along with small dogs.

Good w/cats? Good with cats

Crate Trained: NA, usually roams free in the household

Housebroken: yes

Energy Level: medium, you wouldn’t guess she’d a senior dog because she’s very fit, but loves her walks and chasing a tennis ball.

Good w/kids: yes

Training: knows basic commands very well (sit, lay, stay, paw, come, heal)

Comments: We need to re-home Frankie due to allergies. She’s a very sweet pup who loves flopping on the ground for belly rubs, greeting people when they come home from work and just hanging out with her people.

Location: Oak Park, IL

Owner Contact Info: