7 year old neutered 62 pound male heterochromia (one blue eye and one brown eye) white husky.

Birth date: 7/1/2015

adopted from a private home in Michigan at 6 weeks old.

Gus grew up with other dogs in a suburban home with 4 children outside of Chicago. He played in his yard with with other family dogs and neighborhood dogs. Gus will play until he decides he has had enough and will growl/nip to let other dogs know he is done. It is best to introduce Gus to other dogs slowly before allowing playtime.

Gus loves long walks/runs and walks well on a leash. He is reactive to small dogs and other dogs that are reacting to him. He does not like strange dogs in his face when on a leash.

He loves children (many kisses), but does not like to be climbed or crawled on. Older children would be better suited for Gus.

Gus loves to hunt. He caught rabbits, squirrels, and chipmunks. Therefore, it would be better for him to live in a household without smaller critters/cats.

Gus gets excited when visitors come to the house and will look for scratches under his chin.

Gus's family has moved to Chicago. He yearns for a yard to play in again.

Gus would be a great companion for a runner or hiker. He loves to be outdoors especially in the colder months. This free spirited husky would love to keep you company on long treks!

owner's information:

Grant Seaholm