Name: Hawk

Sex: Male

Color: Black & White

Eye Color: Blue

Age: 5 years 10 months (November 2, 2012)

Weight: ~80lbs

Good w/dogs: Not on leash- off leash he is not familiar with so unknown

Good w/cats: Unknown

Crate Trained: Yes however he has not been closed door/left alone crated in five years. He sleeps in his crate as a bed, crate door fully open in my bedroom.

Housebroken: Yes

Energy Level: High yet calms quickly

Good w/kids: Unknown, he is not familiar with kids

Training: Yes- all basic training from Kountry Pet Resort in South Elgin.

Comments?: He is truly a ball of energy, well trained, loving and playful. However over his life span we have moved many times which he has developed high anxiety and signs of fear aggression. He has become more fearful around other dogs or kids the past six month as well. In general he never has done well in crowds. Now upon meeting someone new he quickly goes from very happy/excited to fearful/protective. This has all caused many issues over the years but especially the past year being able to provide more than ample time, care and financial means to take the appropriate steps in fixing his behavioral/anxiety issues. I have worked with several trainers however it quickly becomes too expensive and time consuming for my means. After six months of considering the option of re-homing it has now become clear to me that this is the best option for him.

Location: Arlington Heights, IL

Owner Contact Info: akrueg3@gmail.com