Color: Black With White

Age: 7 years

Size: 59 Lb

Sex: Female

Good with kids

NOT good with dogs

Up to date on vaccines



Jazzy is a super sweet husky with people! She will randomly go in her crate while out and about, but she does not like to sleep in her crate if no one is around. Currently she sleeps in our bedroom on the floor. She is potty trained and will scratch at the door when she needs to go outside. She came from a Wolf Sanctuary in MN that had a few dogs they rescued. The sanctuary shut down about 4 weeks ago and she made her way to IL. She would do best as an only dog. While she doesn’t mind other dogs around when introduced correctly, there are certain things that seem to set her off (food/toys/etc). She has been great with our preteen/teenage children. She is 7 years old and does not seem to have the zoomies. She will lounge around near you or in her kennel. She is a perfect dog for someone who is home and has no other animals.

Location: Rockford, IL

Contact: Markrob44p@gmail.com