Name  -  Kai

Sex. -  Male

Color. -  White

Eye Color -  One blue eye, one brown eye

Age -  2 years old

Weight -  67 lbs.

Good w/dogs?  -  Yes

Good w/cats?  -  Yes

Crate Trained. -  Yes, but we don’t use one currently

Housebroken. -  Yes

Energy Level. -  Medium

Good w/kids. -  Yes

Training  -   Kai knows how to come, sit, paw, “no”, lay down, “gentle” for taking treats.  Well behaved!

Comments  -  Kai is a just a love bug!  We drove to Michigan to pick him up so he would not be returned to the shelter he came from.  His previous family had too many adults/kids/other animals in a very small house.  Our goal was always to foster him until he finds the perfect family.  Though he initially wanted to explore off our property, Kai has learned very quickly to stay in our unfenced yard.  We use an electronic collar and responds immediately (will come to you) when he hears the “beep.”  We have other dogs and a cat here, and he gets along with everybody.  He used to live with a toddler and a baby and no problem there either.  Kai tends to be “vocal” when excited though he settles down quite quickly with lots of head pats and direct command to “settle.”  The best family would be one who can let him show off his athletic running skills at least once per day.  He and my other dog romp and play in the house and in the yard every day.  He will jump up on your bed and sleep with you if you let him.  Otherwise, he’s very good abut curling up in his dog bed with a little re-direction.  Kai loves toys, “busy bones” by Purina, stuffed animals, and will turn upside down for a belly rub.  We let him up on our couch where he makes himself at home right next to you.  Kai is micro-chipped, neutered, and up to date on all vaccines.  The perfect pet!

Location - Gurnee, IL

Owner Contact Info  -  Susan Lanzillotti, 847-302-9860, Aslanzi1@yahoo.com