Name: Lakota

Sex: F

Color: Gray/Black/White

Eye Color: Blue

Age: 6

Weight: 47lbs

Good w/dogs? yes

Good w/cats? Lives with 2 cats but had to be taught not to chase them. Has lived with the cats for 5 years. 

Crate Trained: Yes

Housebroken: Yes

Energy Level: Medium-High

Good w/kids: Yes

Training: Basic training with TLC for Dogs. Knows "sit", "lay down", "outside", and "kennel", is leash trained. 

Comments: Lakota is a sweet dog that loves to RUN. She is good with other dogs if she can be the dominant dog in the house. We also have 2 cats that she has been taught not to chase. We've had Lakota for 5 years and love her dearly, however, we recently moved to a new house with a fence that will not keep her contained. We can't afford to replace the fence and I hate the thought of keeping her chained up or in the house all the time when we can't get her to the dog park or take walks. She's extremely intelligent and can open some types of doors. Looking for a good home that will give her lots of love and a safe space to run. You will need a good fence, preferably metal or wood privacy fence as she will dig under a chain link fence. She's great with kids (we have 5) and loves to cuddle.  Up to date on shots, etc. Microchipped and has a Halo GPS collar that you can have, you'll just have to switch the membership over if you want to keep it. I paid almost $1,000 for the collar and the monthly fee I pay to keep it active is around $14.00 month. Also has bed, kennel, and toys.  

Location: Neenah, WI

Owner Contact Info: Nathan Earwood 785 380-1684