Name: Maverick

Sex: Male

Color: White/Black

Eye Color: Blue

Age: 4

Weight: 48 pounds

Good w/dogs: yes

Good w/cats: not tested

Crate Trained: yes

House broken: yes

Energy Level: medium

Good w/kids: only older children (teens and older)

Training: some

Comments: Maverick is a four-year-old male Siberian Husky who is neutered and up to date on all of his shots. He is good with large and small dogs. Maverick has never been tested around cats or other small animals. He is a very friendly, energetic, and talkative dog who loves to go on long walks and loves to run and play. He also enjoys going to Petsmart, Big R, and the local dog parks. When he isn’t playing, he can be found sleeping or being near your side as he is very loyal and loves to cuddle.

Maverick was adopted approximately two years ago as a companion for our other dog. We were informed that he was taken away from the previous owner due to severe neglect. We have worked with him and helped him as much as we could since we adopted him. He has done well with our other dog, who is a smaller dog.

Our situation at home has changed, being that we now have two very young children, a two-year-old and a two month old. Right before and after the arrival of our second child, we noticed that he became more anxious with our daughter and as a result nipped her a few times but never broke skin. We think it might be anxiety or possibly because of toy possessiveness. We tried training sessions with a private trainer to see if it would help. He seemed receptive to the training but with two young kids at home we can no longer take the risk of them possibly getting bit. We are extremely crushed and heartbroken that we have to find him a new home, but we want what is best for him. He deserves a fair chance at life and would make a great member of the family.

Location: Homer Glen, Illinois

Contact Info: Nick Guzlas 708-870-2868 and Lisa Guzlas