Name   Mia

Sex   Female/ Spayed

Color   Black and White

Eye Color   Brown

Age   3

Weight   60 lbs

Good w/dogs   Excellent Loves All Dogs

Good w/cats   N/A we don’t own one

Crate Trained   Yes

Housebroken   Yes

Energy Level   Very High

Good w/kids   Yes, so patient and kind 

Training:   Knows basic commands. Sit, Shake, Lay down. She will come from the yard by using a clicker and the phrase “line up” She will come in and sit and wait for a treat. She is crate trained with the Phrase “Crate up” she will go in and wait for her treat. 

Comments:   She is scared of thunderstorms and will sit on your head for comfort. If you are gone for most of the day when you get home she will lay on you the rest of the night. She loves car rides. She will jump into the car and just lie down during the car ride. She walks on a leash but pulls. She is prey driven and has caught and killed bunnies in our yard so no little pets. She needs another young dog with high energy to run around and play with all day. She loves everyone she meets but will jump up on them out of excitement. Loves to be outside. If she could she would be out all day long cold or warm. She is microchipped. She loves jumping in our kids' kiddie pool. 

Location:  Pingree Grove, IL

Owner Contact Info   Jenna Midtsem  (815)-520-6771   Kurt Midtsem  (815)-262-0609