Name: Naruto

Sex: Male

Color: Blonde, white, reddish/orange

Eye Color: One blue one green

Age: 6

Weight: 75lbs

Good w/dogs? Big dogs yes, small dogs no

Good w/cats? No

Crate Trained: Yes

Housebroken: Yes but can become anxious and potty at times

Energy Level: Generally very low key, after being active outside he can be very playful and high energy for a short period of time. If you have guests that are unknown he can be very curious and somewhat high energy for maybe 30 minutes-1hr and then he settles down.

Good w/kids: Yes! We have a 1 year old that he adores

Training: He has had petsmart, and an in-home trainer but we have not been able to get him to do much beyond sit and laydown and only for short periods of time. He knows "out" to leave the room if he is in the way.

Comments: We love Naruto but both of us work full time and have a second baby on the way, he needs lots of attention and exercise and we feel like he's not living his best life! We will always be willing to take him back if the rehoming doesn't work out and it's not a good fit. He can be anxious when left alone so we recommend leaving him crated with a plush toy and something to chew on like a bone etc. he is unfortunately not very good with small dogs and gets very excited around big dogs and wants to constantly play and be up in their space. I would recommend a one pet home or introducing to a multi-dog family slowly. He did alright with my cat but was high energy and wanted to play and as a husky it was a little rough and we were careful to keep them separated as much as possible.

Location: Bloomington Illinois

Owner Contact Info: Amanda Hopper 309-267-1033 text or call anytime