Name:  Roman

Sex:  Male 

Color:  black/grey/white 

Eye Color:  blue

Age:  5 (December 3, 2018)

Weight:  55 pounds

Good w/dogs:  takes a bit to warm up better with female dogs

Good w/cats:  no

Crate Trained:  yes, had not used unless necessary

Housebroken:  yes

Energy Level:  normal husky, gets random spurts of energy 

Good w/kids:  he LOVES kids 

Training:  sit, stay, down, speak, paw

Comments:  I am active duty Air Force and I received a new job where I will be gone for the next 8 months and will travel a lot. He is an amazing dog and it pains me to give him up. He would do best with a household with older kids that would play with him. He is stubborn like any other husky and doesn’t really like to be picked up. He also responds to Rome Boy and Womy. He is not food aggressive with humans, but does not like other dogs messing with his food. I will be moving early June so I am looking to  find the perfect home for him before then. 

Location:  Granite City, Illinois 

Contact Info:  Lexie, 618-401-0115,