Name: Shyla

Sex: Female spayed

Color: tan and white

Eye Color: blue and brown

Age: 6 years

Weight: 40lbs

Good w/dogs: best with male dogs

Good w/cats: yes

Crate Trained: yes

Housebroken: yes

Energy Level: Sleeps all day until dinner and then gets zoomies once she eats. Ideally needs a large yard to run in and/or walked twice a day.

Good w/kids: good with kids, loves her adults.

Training: She knows sit, stay, lay down, twirl, sit pretty, around, heal on walks(after she is exercised) she is also trained to run on the left side of the bike & is a great rollerblading buddy.

Comments: We are rehoming only because we have kids and cannot give her the exercise and attention & playtime that she needs and deserves. She is honestly the best Husky & sweetest girl I’ve come in contact with. (& I’m a vet tech, so I’ve seen LOTS of huskies)

Location Monee, Il

Contact Info (name, phone and/or email): Brooke 708-985-5056,