Name: Takoda

Sex: Male

Color: Black and white

Eye Color: Blue

Age: 6 years 6 months

Weight: 55 lbs

Good w/dogs? Yes

Good w/cats? No, he has yet to hurt a cat, but he does chase them and wants them to play, so I do not trust him with cats.

Crate Trained: Yes, command is "Go to bed"

Housebroken: Yes

Energy Level: High

Good w/kids: Yes

Training: Basic obedience, sit, stay, come, okay, leave it, lie down


Koda is a very polite and fun loving dog, I'm reminded every day we go out about how beautiful he is, at least one person remarks about his beauty, and that is not an exaggeration in the least. He is very kind, and works well with elderly and children alike. He will kill chickens and rabbits, and he has a chronic sneeze he developed before he turned a year old. He has developed a cough that goes away with exercise. However, I'm unable to provide adequate exercise, I have a hip and neck injury that makes physical activity difficult for me. I currently live in disabled housing, and the apartment we have is small. He needs a place to run.

Location: River Falls, Wisconsin

Owner Contact Info:

Andy Beardmore

Phone: 970 218 9561

Email: beardmoreandy@gmail.com