Name Trio

Sex Male

Color Black and white

Eye Color Blue eyes

Age Five years on 4/4

Weigh 50lbs

Good w/dogs Needs to be with dogs his size, cannot be only dog

Good w/cats Has not been around cats but high prey drive

Crate trained No/separation anxiety. Outdoor kennel yes!

Housebroken Yes

Good w/kids Great with kiddos. We have 2, 16,and 19 year old

Energy Level Pretty chill. He has zoomies at times

Training Can sit stay lay high five speak

Comments He is a sweet boy who loves his people and loves to be a part of a pack. He is a gentle boy who loves to cuddle. He is an escape artist which is why I said crates are a no go. He can get out of every one of them.

Location Lincoln, IL

Contact Info BROOKE