Name - Kevin (previous name was Neo and he was unresponsive to that)

Sex - Male

Color - Black/White

Eye Color - Blue

Age - 1 1/2

Weight - 40lbs

Good w/dogs - He loves all dogs. Ideally there would be another fur brother or sister in the family as he does better with company than alone.

Good w/cats - Unknown

Crate Trained - He was not crated with his original family so crate training is new for him. He is doing pretty well with training though. He is a little loud at first but then settles in.

Housebroken - Yes

Energy Level - Friendly, lover, and energetic

Good w/kids - yes, all sizes and ages

Training - He knows basic commands - sit, paw, come, etc, but we are currently working on 'stay'.

Comments - Look at my baby blues! I am a handsome 1 ½ years old Siberian Husky named Neo looking to find that one family who will love me and want me to snuggle up against them forever and always. I was given up with my sister Trinity because my last family came into money problems and could no longer care for us. I am a great snuggler but since I am still a young boy I need lots of play time and I love the outdoors. I would like a yard to run for hours in or I can take my nice long walks with you and I can show you how good I walk on a leash. I am potty trained and I am in the process of trying to stay in my crate. Crate training is something new for me since I never was in a crate before so I need time to figure out how to relax and enjoy this crate deal. But when I am out and about I love my foster family and foster fur sibling so I think I would like to have another fur sibling in my forever home to just run and play with all day long. I even enjoy people of all sizes, even the small kind. So I am ready and willing to meet you and give you a few kisses to prove it.

Shelter/Rescue Name/Address - PittiePleaseRescue

Shelter/Rescue Hours - By appointment

Email or Contact Info -