Jemmy came to Adopt A Husky on May 22nd, 2018 after getting hit by a car. A good Samaritan found her in the road and contacted the police to help get her to the vet. Her family was found but, due to her extensive injuries, were unable to afford the treatment that Jemmy needed. We are sure it was a difficult and heartbreaking decision for them to make, but they did what was in her best interest and surrendered her to Adopt A Husky so that she can receive the vet care she needs. She has had surgery on her leg and will now need six weeks of strict crate rest so that she can heal. She has a long road ahead of her, but she will receive great care with Adopt A Husky.

If you can, please make a donation to help pay for her care.

5/23/2018: Jemmy was picked up from the vet this morning and moved into her rehab foster home. She is doing as well as can be expected. Not getting up on her own yet, and obviously still in pain when she moves despite pain meds and drugs, but eating well and wagging her little vet wrapped tail every time you talk to her or cuddle with her. She loves cuddles. Very, very sweet little girl.

6/19/2018: Jemmy had a bit of a spa day! She is starting to move around a bit, but her movement still has to be limited so she can heal properly. Her foster mom gave her a good brushing while she was distracted by two antlers and a Kong - this girl loves to chew!

6/27/2018: Little Miss Jems is back home from the hospital sporting cast #3! This one, if you can see, is below her elbow and should give her a little more flexibility. Also, she was pretty ready to chow down when she returned. (The vet clinic doesn't know about "topping" ...that little sprinkle that comes from the cheese shaker!)

With the upcoming 4th of July Holiday a blue cast and red Harness puts her in Patriotic pup attire.

7/1/2018: With the weather so warm and the scenery in her x-pen not changing much, except for the programs on the animal channels, and the movement of the other Huskies, Jemmy was in need of a little road trip. She went to visit a few AAHI volunteers for some happy pets and yummy treats. She loves to see them and her tail wags wildly. She thrives on praise, pets and wanted to show off her new blue cast. It felt good to have the grass under her feet again. She is still working on her balance. It is not easy with a clumsy cast and a still sore hip.

She decided to smell the smells in the coolness of the shade. But wait... she was loving the different scents carried in the breeze....Hmmmmm ... she wondered, should I make a break for it in true Siberian Style? Could she do it with seasoned Husky volunteers, just outside photo range, with much better mobility and speed than she has? Jemmy took a few clumsy steps ... She could taste the freedom... What could they do? Seriously... Now, don't get excited and don't lose your head because instead of making a break for it... Jemmy just went to bed! (She is a little drama queen now isn't she!)

7/7/2018: Jemmy has started spending a little bit of time, outside each day. She has to be carried out because she can't do stairs yet with her hip fracture. She takes full advantage of sniffs and smells and a little exploring. She also takes opportunity to let us know that she did have house training before her accident and she is quite proud of herself when she gets to potty outside again. However, walk away and she is not too sure she wants too much distance between her and a guardian. She still has healing time ahead of her and she wants to know she still has a body guard close even though there are no other dogs sharing the yard with her. When she needs a rest, she takes one.

7/17/2018: I am Jemmy, see me walk. I can sing and I can talk and for those who know Siber-song, they just smile. I am making progress on my walking, but get tired quickly. I am also perfecting my "potty outside" skills again too! Being outside for a little while makes me tired and so I take a little rest.

I have been allowed a little time outside my indoor pen, in the house lately. I can't be with the other dogs, but am allowed to spend a little time, by myself watching television with someone. For several weeks yet, the other dogs and I can see each other only through a gate. I lay on my side and they lay on theirs.

Today, I got to spend an hour helping my foster mom do her work in the office. While she worked, I worked really, really hard on this antler! I do love to chew! I was bad though and chewed my cast today...They weren't smiling Sometimes I just can't help it. Sibes will be sibes my foster mom says.


Jemmy is getting around well and Doc wants her to do a little more yard waking to strengthen her legs. She is not ready to take a walk yet, but wandering is okay by her. And while we thought perhaps the cast would be changed and the pin removed this week, that was not the case. He wants to make sure there is sufficient calcification in the area of the pin before he removes it. So, her next visit will be in one month unless there is weeping or issue with the cast or her walking.

Jemmy is quite the Character. She loves being outside. On a 25 foot lunge line, she has access to a lot more territory in the front yard and more smells and visuals. She likes to look and is fascinated when a little chipmunk or rabbit goes by. She plays it cool but I am sure she is thinking, "Just wait until I am better!" Her favorite thing to do after wandering is to take a little siesta in a shady place under a tree. There is a lot of love, licks and snuggles in this little lady... she loves attention and to be center stage.

8/11/2018: Greetings... it is Jemmy here...Well, I am still on the mend as they say.

I get to chew my antler every day while I watch my foster mom work...That keeps me occupied for a while & sometimes I will look out her window to see what is going on outside. But it is hard to be a Siberian puppy with little to get into.

So, I had a special treat this week because my foster sister, Marci, gets to hang out in the office with us. I try to start some fun, but "mom" say uh-uh and Marci knows what that means so we have to stop...sigh...Marci knows the rules better than I do, because she even 'crabs at me' when I try to take something off the book shelf...But they are right here, at our level, I try to tell her....but the answer is still no.

Did you notice that I don't have a lift harness on anymore? I can get up all by myself and get around! It is also good because when I don't want to get up to go in my pen, they can't get me up as easily, since I am not like a suitcase anymore and "I dontwannago" so I don't help at all!

On Thursday my foster mom blew all the extra fur out of me on the deck with a powerful blower. She said I was looking pretty shabby. Boy was there hair everywhere and I was so good, she said! Now I look extra beautiful but my foster mom looked like she was wearing most of my fur...wonder if it was a trick to get my hair to stick to her instead? They call me a pretty girl!

My exciting time is my outside time a few times a day with two, sometimes 3, extra long walk, 2 times around the house! I am making progress with my exercise. There is a whole world for me to explore on the end of a long leash. I have trees to check... and lots of sounds to listen to. I like having grass under my feet again & smells to smell. Sometimes I see bunnies & birds too.

I sure do hope that the forever family they talk about has room for me to run, gives me car rides, so I can go places like I get to now, feeds good treats, and lets me watch television!

Did I mention that I like to 'sing for my supper' too?


A big Hellloooo - It is me, Jemmy! I have good things to tell you!

First of all, I want to thank one of the great AAHI volunteers for making me my most favorite present! I now have my own quilt pad to lay on!!! Isn't it beautiful? My foster mom says my quilt will travel with me when I find my new home and family. On the back there is a place to write all of the special people who have helped me along my way...I can chew my bone on it, snooze on it and will remember everything good that has happened to me since I came to Adopt A Husky. My foster mom says that it is a very special quilt made by a very special person, representing a very special time in my life... it is a "thank-filled" quilt.

My first Garage Sale! See how hard I was working! (Sometimes I was snoozing on the big pillow someone donated for me too..."Thank you... it is so comfy!") I met lots of nice people who put money into my little bucket and some of them were crying... My foster mom had to tell, and sometimes show them, by taking me out of the pen so they could see I was really getting better and could actually walk. My little bucket collected donations for Adopt a Husky and my medical bills. That made my foster mom's eyes watery and she had a big smile and said, "Good Job Jemmy. We pay good deeds forward!"

Then it was time to rest. It was a busy weekend. So I hung out with my foster family. I can only do that under supervision & mom was behind the camera keeping a close eye on us. That is me on the cushion, Marci is up close, AAHI Alumni Zuzu is on the couch and Butter is in the window. I want the window seat, so bad, but my foster mom said I am not ready to jump up and down yet... Some day. Do you know that all 4 of my foster siblings are sometimes in the window at the same time! Lots of people point their fingers our way too. I saw them all myself when I went to get the mail and sometimes they dance in the window too. It looks like good Siberian fun to me!

We went to see my favorite vet yesterday. I saw him across the parking lot, when we arrived and mom had to hold tight to stop me from trying to run up to him because there were cars all over. I keep forgetting what a moving car can do.

The good news is that my leg is continuing to heal, but the bad news is that I have to keep my cast on for another month. The bone is not quite healed enough on one side to take the pin out... so we wait... sigh... It is hard for me to wait. I want to go-go-go. They say it is better to be safe than sorry... My hip movement, Doc said, is looking good but I still have to take it slow because of my leg under the cast.

However, I can still enjoy some time out and today was the first day that I walked with my AAHI Sanctuary foster brother, Snax! We are the same color with different eyes. Mom says when Snax is excited it is like trying to control a hippopotamus on a trampoline! He did not play bow me or bounce me off the street though. We walked very nice. I could even keep up with him as long as we didn't go too fast. It was so fun! I could have kept going but my foster mom and dad said that was good for a start. (See, I am in the lead by a nose!)

That is my story for today. Mom says that my mind is all healed and so are my lungs! The hip is doing well and we just have to wait for my front leg to catch up. She tells me that it looks like my story it is going to have a very happy ending.

10/8/2018: Well, I went to see my best buddy today and.... he was so pleased with what he saw on the x-rays and my progress.... that.... I need a drum roll please......

Doc took off my cast and it is for good!!! I was not too brave when that cast saw came out YIKES...(but I am not crazy about the sound of the vacuum cleaner either) Okay, I was a cry baby...but I am only a puppy and that thing was sharp. My foster mom hung on to me and another doctor and then Doc pried it right off. Afterward he and my mom had a chuckle because they said we should have just let her take it off...I've chewed my cast before!

See how my front leg bends? I have not been able to do that since May 22! Everyone at the animal hospital was saying "Look at Jemmy," and I walked my best walk! It has been a long time since I have felt so good and it was a surprise for all of us. I had a good day all around with fun people, and then the surprise visit to see Doc! And now... Look who is walking... Me, Jemmy!!!

I can't run right away...Well, really I can, but my foster mom just says, "Jemmy, Jems what are we going to do with you?" I guess my muscles need to be strong so I went for a walk with my foster sister Marci when I got home and I did so good. You would all be proud! Thank you to everyone for being there for me... just a little therapy that mom and the doctor can do and I will be ready to go! Mom's eyes keep leaking and I have to keep washing her face. She said "Jemmy, you made it and let's spread the word."