We were asked by one of our shelter partners to help with a beautiful 4 ½ year old Siberian who was hit by a car and immobile by the side of the road when a good Samaritan found her and called animal control. Sakari, as she was named, was badly injured and in intense pain, but not once did she lash out at her rescuers. She accepted being handled and moved and never went to bite. Xrays showed a severely broken pelvis, broken hips and a deep laceration on her leg. The shelter kept her pain free and took phenomenal care of her until we could come get her. A few days after she arrived in our care, she had the first surgery to fix her pelvis. Our orthopedic surgeon felt it was too much to repair her hips at the same time and focused first on the most critical-her pelvis. Her right side took the brunt of the blow and we found out through more xrays she had a fracture in the back right leg as well. He said it was a very hard hit and she is lucky to have survived it. The first surgery went well-the pelvis is pinned and her leg was splinted. Down the road when she has more strength and recovered a bit we’ll address the hips. With her pelvis set, she should be more comfortable soon.

Sakari is such a doll. Despite her obvious discomfort, she still thumps her tail when you pet her-she just loves her humans. She looks at you with these deep soul filled eyes and you can see the trust. She knows we are here to help, even when helping might cause her some pain during bandage or bedding changes.

Sakari’s surgery was over $5,000.00 and we have more to go. Due to the extensive injuries, she required an orthopedic specialist for surgery and follow up care. Thank you to the entire staff at Companion Animal Specialty and Emergency Hospital for taking such wonderful care of our girl.

If you can donate to help defray our mounting medical bills for our little girl, it would be much appreciated. Thank you for your support!