To Our Founder

A Tribute to Lois

August 19, 1935 - April 18, 2008

April 18, 2008 . . . as the song goes, "the day the music died," or in this case the "wooing."  On this day, the Siberian Husky, and for that matter, the entire dog community lost one of their most treasured members, Lois Leonard.

It's no wonder her name means "famous warrior."  From the over one hundred fur-kids of her own to the thousands of lives she helped save, Lois was the best warrior the Siberian Husky breed could ever ask for.  Her number one goal was to better the breed by offering quality breeding, working with sled teams, showing in both conformation and obedience, and rescuing those in need.

In 1998, Lois helped start Adopt A Husky, Inc., a safe haven for mistreated, abandoned, and stray Siberian Huskies.  Since the beginning, Lois and Adopt A Husky have successfully found forever homes for over 1,100 Siberian Huskies.

Lois, as all heroic warriors do, fought for what she believed in and for the lives of the helpless.  We know that even though she's crossed over the Rainbow Bridge, her spirit will continue to guide us and light a fire in our hearts to keep fighting until all the Siberian Huskies are saved.

In honor of this valiant woman, the annual Husky Hike, will now and forever be known as the "Lois Leonard Memorial Husky Hike." 

Please join our volunteers and help us continue the legacy she started.

In Loving Memory of Lois Leonard

The Adopt A Husky Family

Excitement was building at the Rainbow Bridge, somebody important was coming.  A group of Corgi's came flying over the hill as fast as their little legs could carry them.  Is it the Queen? Get out the red carpet!!!

But then from north of the bridge Howls could be heard . . . Woooo Wooo Woooooo!!!!  And suddenly HUNDREDS AND HUNDREDS of Huskies came, abandoning their snow-filled paradise.  Waves of red, white, black, and gray . . . Blue, brown, and amber eyes flashing! Soon the red carpet was covered with snow and fur. . . lots and lots of fur. . . and mud . . . Who could it be? Who could get that many dogs excited to greet them?

And at the gate of the bridge Lois is greeted by all the dogs she saved, and all the dogs she couldn't. Because we know she grieved for those dogs, and all they wanted was somebody to love them, somebody to shed a tear for them and scratch their ears. We all know Lois would not want to be greeted on the Red Carpet unless it was covered with fur.

We all know there is a special place over the rainbow bridge for those in rescue. A place where EVERY DOG is loved, EVERY DOG has a home, where EVERY DOG has enough to eat. Where you never have to say "NO" when a call comes from a shelter wanting to know if you have room for "just one more." Because over the bridge there is room for them all.

For those of us left to carry on Lois' work. Today is a sad day. It's hard to imagine how we're going to continue without her. But today, over the bridge . . . well, there is one HECK of a party going on!

- written by Jen A., Adopt A Husky volunteer