The Many Persona of the Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies are very intelligent and independent. This is often interpreted as severe stubbornness. They do not always strive to please their owners, unlike many other breeds. Obedience training is a MUST, as is extreme patience. And don’t let some instructor tell you they can’t be trained; Siberian Huskies CAN do it, but they need to be convinced that it is their own best interests to do what you ask -- “because I said so” doesn’t cut it.

Often an adult dog is a better choice for some people, since puppies of any breed can push you to your limits.......and a Siberian puppy will take it even further!

A non-conforming, sometimes aloof free spirit, at the same time gregarious and friendly -- you will love the Siberian Husky if you will accept the independent nature of this wonderful breed.

The Clown

They are possessed of a unique sense of humor unmatched by most breeds, and often are considered the “class clowns.” Laugh at their antics, and you will be sure they will be repeated. They like to see just how much they can get away with -- and then try to take it a few steps further.

The Troublemaker

Siberian Huskies are too curious and too smart for their own good. They are problem solvers and will find a way to get to whatever they want - even if it means climbing, opening cabinets, or destroying things!

The Excavator

Siberian Huskies love to dig crater-sized holes, both inside and out. A creative Siberian might decide that a good place is right in the center of your bed, through your expensive down comforter, or in the middle of your flower bed.

The Escape Artist

Left outside, a lonely Siberian will dig under the fence, unravel the fence, jump or climb over the fence, undo any child-proof locks, and even open the gate. It is EXTREMELY important that your Siberian is never left unsupervised outside and always on leash or in a proper kennel (one with a concrete floor, roof overhead, and lock on the gate).

Siberians would rather see what’s on the other side of that hill than worry about getting lost. If you don’t keep a Siberian on a leash or in a properly fenced yard (6-foot fence) or kennel, sooner or later they WILL run off, we promise you that. So you have 200 acres? The size of your acreage is not a natural barrier or deterrent. And they certainly do not look both ways when crossing streets, either! No matter how expert your dog-training skills, you will not be able to “teach” a Siberian not to run, any more than a retriever can be trained not to retrieve, or a Border collie not to herd. You may get lucky for a while but, at some point, they will take off.

Once free, they may take off for hours...or they may not return at all. Some Siberians require a genuine fortress in place of a regular fence.

Please read Trust - A Deadly Disease, a must read for all Siberian owners.

The Athlete

Siberian Huskies are athletic dogs that enjoy outdoor activities, and make wonderful jogging partners. With the use of specially designed lines, a harness, and some training, they will happily accompany you on bike rides. Of course, the Siberian must ALWAYS be leashed when participating in such endeavors.

The Pack Dog

Siberian Huskies are pack animals, REQUIRING the company of other dogs or humans. They cannot tolerate long periods of isolation. Leaving a pack animal home alone for a couple of hours can wreak havoc on your carpet, your sofa, or your dining room table, if not properly crated.

Siberian Huskies love EVERYONE! They are neither guard dogs nor watchdogs, contrary to their appearance. They will not protect you or your property. Most never even bark! Siberians love children and seem to have an innate understanding that they must be gentle with tiny folks.

The Hunter

Small animals BEWARE! Siberian Huskies have a fully-developed predatory instinct, which can manifest itself with squirrels, bunnies, birds, cats, and even small dogs. This cannot always be prevented, and requires vigilance on your part to control it.

Even a Siberian that lives with a cat indoors may chase a cat or other small animal outdoors, causing injury or even death.

Most Siberian Huskies are hazardous to a cat's health. NEVER leave a Siberian alone with a small animal!

The Toy Collector

Siberians love toys! Having a variety of dog toys around the house will help keep your Siberian happy and out of trouble.

It is important to remember that no toy should be smaller than a tennis ball. Also, to avoid fighting among the pack (in houses that have 2 or more dogs), only give toys to your dogs under direct supervision.

The Surfer

Siberian Huskies love to surf, counter surf that is. Keeping food, medicine and other tempting items off the counter and tables is a must. Even if you think your Siberian can not reach them, they will find a way, so storing items in a cabinet is the best option.

The Furniture Holder

If allowed, Siberian Huskies are known to choose a favorite spot on the furniture. If you're lucky, they may even share with you!