Thinking of Adoption?

If you are looking for a companion, adopting a dog from rescue is an option, and it has many advantages:

(1) often previous owners have given up rescue dogs just after they have already passed through their most difficult developmental period.

(2) the uncertainty about how a puppy will turn out is eliminated.

(3) you will be preventing a healthy pet from being euthanized at a shelter.

Considering the above, it is important to remember that an adoption is an adjustment for both dog and owner, and the first month may not be without challenges. This is normal. However, we have found that the amount of time it takes to train and acclimate an adult dog to a household is much less than the time it takes to raise and acclimate a puppy. One of the reasons is that adult Siberian Huskies have longer attention spans and larger bladders than puppies. Adult Siberian Huskies also chew less and remain quiet for longer periods than puppies.

Are you hesitant to adopt an adult dog out of fear that you may not have many years in which you can enjoy its companionship? The good news is that, since the breed in general is healthy and long-lived, there is no reason to fear that adopting an adult will greatly reduce the years you will be able to share with your pet. Many Siberians remain alert and active well into their teens. We have also found that most of our “adult” rescue Siberian Huskies are under two years of age.

So, you want to rescue a dog, but you are hesitant because you would like to compete in obedience, agility, or mushing events? Did you know that spayed/neutered purebred dogs are eligible to apply for a non-breeding AKC or UKC registration number (single registration)? This registration number allows individual purebred dogs without registration “papers” to compete in virtually all events (obedience, agility, tracking, etc.) except conformation (conformation is specifically for exhibiting quality breeding dogs). Single-registered dogs must be spayed/neutered, thus cannot be bred, and they can even earn titles!

If, however, you would rather mush your dog and compete in sled dog events for fun, a registration number of any kind is not necessary, because most sled dog events are open to all breeds and mixes.