Sanctuary Dogs

Our goal at Adopt a Husky is to find the perfect forever home for each of the dogs in our program. But sometimes we get in a dog that requires special or long-term care. A dog might have a medical condition that means a lifetime of expensive vet bills, or might be deemed unadoptable for another reason, through no fault of his own.

The one hard and fast rule in our rescue is that the needs of the dogs come first. And sometimes that means staying in their foster homes, receiving the care, comfort, and love they are used to...for the rest of their lives. We are fortunate to have wonderful foster homes that are willing to open their hearts to these special needs dogs and care for them as if they were their own. These dogs will not be placed through adoption, but rather stay in our loving care for the rest of their lives.

These dogs generally require more expense than our typical fosters, due to their age or medical conditions. If you wish to help by becoming a sponsor, we welcome you to submit a donation. Please be sure to indicate which dog you wish to sponsor with your donation. Donations may be made either by check to P.O. Box 87226, Carol Stream IL 60188-7226 or by clicking the link below.