Frequently Asked Questions

**Where is Adopt A Husky located?

Our dogs are in a network of foster homes in Illinois and Wisconsin. There is no shelter or kennel building to visit. Approved adopters can arrange to meet dogs at one of our foster homes.

**Can I come see some of the dogs?

Approved adoptive homes are always welcome to meet the foster dogs. To become approved, please fill out an online adoption application and we’ll have one of our volunteers set up a home visit with you.

**Are all of the dogs purebred?

For the most part, yes, our dogs are purebred. Occasionally, we get in a mother with a litter of mixed puppies.

**I saw a dog on either Petfinder or your website, is it still available?

If the dog is on our website or on PetFinder, it is usually still available. We try to pull dogs from the website and PetFinder within 24 hours of adoption.

**How can I get an application to adopt a dog?

Please visit our Adoption Process page to find a complete explanation of our adoption process and a link to our online adoption application.

**How long does the adoption process take?

The process can take anywhere from 1-4 weeks. It depends if the application is missing any information, if your vet and personal references are readily available, and your availability for a home visit. Please visit our adoption process page to get full details on the application process.

**To which states do you adopt?

We currently do adoptions in Illinois and Wisconsin. If you live outside of those states, we recommend visiting www.petfinder.com to find a closer rescue. We don’t do long distance adoptions where a dog would have to be shipped.

**I do not live in any of the states you adopt to, but I am willing to drive to you to get a dog. Why can't I adopt?

When a dog comes into Adopt a Husky, they are guaranteed a home for life. If for any reason an adopter cannot keep their AAHI dog, the dog MUST come back to us. We promise that dog we will be there for them no matter what. And we promise our adopters we will be there for them to help with any training or issues that might come up with the adopted dog. Those promises are impossible to keep if we send a dog to an area where Adopt A Husky has no volunteers or resources. Additionally, we do not have volunteers outside of our area available to do home visits, we do not know the local trainers and/or vet clinics, and we have no way of quickly getting to a dog that is out of area, should they need our help. For these reasons we only adopt to the states in which we do have resources.

**Will you hold a dog while I/we go through the application process?

We’re sorry, but we cannot hold a dog. It may be that the dog you are looking at may be unsuitable for you, and the dog’s interests come first. If a home is found that is a good match, the dog will be adopted out.

**I'd like to get a dog as a gift or as a surprise. How do I do that?

Choosing a dog that you will commit sometimes 10-12 years, or more, of your life to is a very personal decision, and not one that should be made for you, no matter how well intentioned the thought may be.

We suggest, instead, wrapping up a box filled with dog goodies – bowls, leashes, and toys along with a special card saying you’d like to pay for their adoption of the dog of their choice.

**Can you put us on a waiting list for a dog with specific characteristics?

Only approved homes can be put on a waiting list.

**How often do you have puppies?

We cannot predict when puppies will come in. We usually get puppies one or two times per year.

**Where can I find more information about a specific dog?

Please visit the Available Dogs page on our website for current information.

**Are all of the dogs spayed/neutered?

Yes, all of our dogs, even puppies, are spayed or neutered prior to adoption. We strongly believe that breeding should be done by experienced breeders whose interest is in bettering the breed, and not by someone who just thinks they have a great dog. There are hundreds of great dogs being euthanized in shelters every day.

**I'd like to foster, how do I apply?

We always need foster homes! Please fill out an online adoption application and, in the comments, note that you’d like to foster.

**How can I volunteer to help?

We always need more volunteers! Please contact our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@adoptahusky.com to request a volunteer application.

**I have a Siberian Husky that I need to rehome. Will you take the dog?

We are limited by the number of foster homes we have. We average 20 to 25 fosters at all times, and we operate on a one out/one in basis. We work on a waiting list at all times, a list that never is less than 20 dogs, and virtually all of them are in kill shelters. It is rare that we are able to accommodate taking in an owner surrender.

Although we cannot physically take your dog, we would like to help. If you can provide us with photos and a bio of your dog, we will place it on our website and link it directly to you.

If you feel we can be of service in this manner, the information and pictures should be emailed to adoptahusky@adoptahusky.com. Below are listed the fields that are on the owner surrender template page for you to fill in:




Eye Color



Good w/dogs?

Good w/cats?

Crate Trained


Energy Level

Good w/kids




Owner Contact Info

All fields must be completed, and photos must be attached in a .jpg format and not embedded in another document such as Microsoft Word. If the submission does not follow the prescribed format, your dog cannot be posted.

Listings will be posted for 60 days unless we are notified in writing that the dog is still available. Once removed, a dog cannot be reposted.