Board Members


Mike has had the pleasure of having Siberian Huskies in his life for about the past 21 years. He enjoys taking them sledding and helping them participate in demo events. His professional career is in the information technology industry. He serves on our Board as President, with most of his responsibilities focusing on the business operations. He and his wife have attempted fostering several Siberians over the years and have maintained a perfect foster failure rate thus far, making them a very lucky family, even if they aren't the best fosters.

Mary Beth

Mary Beth has been a volunteer and foster home with AAHI since 1999 and has had over 500 foster dogs come through her home in that time. Some have stayed. She serves on our Board as Foster Coordinator. She works as an account manager to support her Siberian addiction which includes dog sledding, camping and general shenanigans with her gang.


Denise is a Registered Dental Hygienist jewelry maker extraordinaire. She has owned and loved multiple Siberians since 1984. She began volunteering for AAHI in 2001 after she adopted her first rescued dog. She serves on our Board as Adoption Coordinator and enjoys working with adopters to help them find the right dog for their home.


Noel has owned Siberian Huskies since 1997 and has been involved with AAHI since March of 2000. She serves on our Board as Treasurer and is also our Fundraising Coordinator. She enjoys training and competing with her dogs in obedience, rally, Flyball, agility, nose work, barn hunt, tricks, packing, and sledding. Her dogs are certified as canine good citizens and therapy dogs, and a few are also crisis response dogs.


Sarah has owned northern breed dogs since 1995 and has been with AAHI since 2008, when she adopted the first of her sassy, quirky Siberians. Outside of rescue, she is a special education teacher and the owner of Bandit's Boutique. She enjoys dog sledding and bikejoring with her dogs, hanging out at the neighborhood dog park, and sewing. Sarah serves on our Board as Volunteer Coordinator, and is also our webmaster.


Joli has volunteered with AAHI for over 12 years, and serves on our Board as Event Coordinator. She opens her home to fosters, both to the high energy challenges and the special shy ones. She also competes with several of her AAHI rescues in flyball, sledding, obedience, agility and two of them are also registered therapy dogs. She loves to hike and travel with her dogs and enjoys exploring new places.